Concrete Pavers V Concrete

Concrete Pavers advantages when compared with In-Situ Concrete


The question on whether to choose concrete in-situ or pavers is asked time and time again. When comparing pavers to concrete in-situ the price is quite often comparable, but there is more to the argument then just price. More and more builders and developers are turning to paving for a number of reasons, but above all pavers have the upper hand in the looks department. With so many different sizes, colours and finishes a developer or builder can complement or contrast the colour scheme of the house, making it look more attractive. This in turn increases their return on their investment.

When looking at the question from a private, residential customer the benefit of pavers will carry on long past the purchase date. If in 10 or 15 years time there is a blocked drain or a requirement to access services underground, pavers come into their own. Simply lift the pavers out of the way, complete the repair work and re lay them. With concrete there will be cutting, dumping and the repair will always be visible as the concrete will not be able to be blended in as easily. The same goes for cracked concrete, if a paver is cracked for some reason you can replace it easily, where concrete becomes a large job to repair. We even recommend storing any left over pavers for that exact purpose.

BEST Bricks & Pavers manufacture all of their own concrete pavers, retaining walls and Terrazzo tiles in Adelaide South Australia. When buying from BEST you also can be confident that all of the profits get spent in your local community instead of going offshore to a multinational. We also produce one of the largest ranges of concrete pavers in Australia so there will be something to suit all budgets and tastes.

So don’t forget when comparing concrete in-situ to concrete pavers the pavers win on the following points;

  • Pavers have a high aesthetic appeal
  • Pavers look great
  • Cracking is not a problem with pavers as the problem paver can be replaced easily
  • Proven increase in property value, especially large format pavers
  • Large range of colours and finishes
  • Surface immediately usable, no waiting for the concrete to dry
  • Easy access to underground services when required, just move the pavers out of the way
  • On going low maintenance costs
  • Pavers reduce tripping risk due to soil movement
  • No reinforcing mesh required

For more detailed pictures and information on BEST Bricks & Pavers product range visit

BEST Bricks & Pavers also offer supply and lay as an option. We can complete the whole job and give you piece of mind that the work will be completed properly and promptly.

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