BEST Bricks & Pavers 100% South Australian

BEST Bricks & Pavers are proud to be included in the Brand SA, I Choose SA campaign currently running.

BEST have been manufacturing concrete pavers in Adelaide since 1993 and have always supported the local economy and local community groups.

Whenever you choose South Australian you are helping to create employment. 

The people they employ are your neighbours, your friends, your family and even you. Unemployment is not a statistic; it is a decision you make every time you buy something.

We want you to choose South Australia and support producers, manufacturers, service providers, retailers and businesses throughout our State’s supply chain.

We all have the power to make a difference, so look for the State brand and choose South Australia. This brand is your assurance that the company you are dealing with employs South Australians and contributes to our economic prosperity.

When you choose SA, you are choosing to support jobs in our State.

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I choose SA Adelaide Pavers

I choose SA Adelaide Pavers